The New York Times spent over two months hyping the hell out of George Floyd’s alleged death at the hands of police but didn’t write even one single article on the new video leaked by The Daily Mail which destroys their entire narrative.

As of 4 p.m. EST on Tuesday, a search of the NY Times’ archive shows plenty of articles mentioning George Floyd but only one single mention of the video being released — a reprint of an Associated Press article (devoid of all the bombshell details) which merely mentioned the video was leaked but doesn’t show the video or even link to it.

The Times did not bother to tweet the article out, nor share it anywhere prominent on their website.

A search of the URL on Twitter shows one single result (from someone criticizing the Times for not sharing the video), which is something I’ve never even seen before from a Times article.

As I reported on Monday, the video leaked to The Daily Mail shows Floyd resisted arrest, said he couldn’t breathe while standing up breathing, refused to go into the police’s SUV squad vehicle because he claimed he was “claustrophobic” even though he was seen sitting comfortably in his own SUV just minutes earlier, asked police to place him on the ground, lied and told police he was not on drugs despite being high on fentanyl and meth, and lied and claimed his mother just died to try and avoid arrest even though she died two years earlier.

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