In what has been described as one of the most vile, misleading headlines of all time, the left leaning New York Daily News published their Saturday edition with a cover that includes the ridiculous fake news claim that alleged Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz was actually “trained” by the NRA themselves.

Apparently aiming to give Democrats an assist with their renewed push to disarm the American people, The NY Daily News latched onto the fact that the JROTC program at the school received funding from the NRA as evidence that the shooter himself received training from them.

The problem? The claim is about as misleading as they come, especially when you consider that while it is true that Cruz was at one time a member of the JROTC, so where dozens of other students, some who even HELPED others get out of the school during the shooting itself!

All the NRA did was give a grant to the JROTC program. They did not “train” Cruz and, sadly, the leftist propagandists at the NY Daily News are well aware of this fact but are hoping their readers are so uninformed that they believe this actual fake news.

The story itself was specifically designed as a hit piece against an organization that liberals throughout the country have painted as an all powerful, well-funded group when, in reality, anti-gun groups have spent literally hundreds of millions of more dollars than ANY pro-gun group ever has.

Users on Twitter were quick to destroy the fake news cover, making it clear that at least some Americans are able to see through this transparent leftist propaganda.

One of the most vile, misleading headlines of our time. The term “Hack” is way too good for you

— Chris B (@chrisbrown111__) February 17, 2018

Rare is the week that journalism does a good job to bolster its credibility, but goddamn this week has been such an abysmal display of dishonesty and incompetence.

— Blame Big Government (@BlameBigGovt) February 17, 2018

It's the NRA's fault he joined the ROTC.

— Jim Treacher is a dumb pseudonym (@jtLOL) February 17, 2018

So was one of the children who died defending his classmates, you scum sucking smear merchants.

— Dead Agent (@Recursion_Agent) February 17, 2018

You CAN write headlines like this that mislead your readers, but HOW do you live with yourselves?

— Hugh Shytle (@shytleh) February 17, 2018

You are not news, you are propaganda.

He was in JROTC before his expulsion, the funds were for JROTC.


— Fire and Furry (@KesaraRiku) February 17, 2018

He joined a JROTC program in school which is for kids who want to join the military later on in life. You didn't mention that other kids in this program helped protect some of their classmates. By this logic US taxpayers also trained him cause this is a public school program

— Sam's Dad (@zesty_tacos) February 17, 2018

The air rifle team was part of the school's Junior ROTC program but I suppose click bait is what it's all about. I guess "trained by Junior ROTC" doesn't have that certain frisson. (And not to put too fine a point on it, Junior ROTC kids at that school protected fellow students.)

— Mike Glenn (@mrglenn) February 17, 2018

So was one of the children who died defending his classmates, you scum sucking smear merchants.

— Dead Agent (@Recursion_Agent) February 17, 2018

The club was an air rifle team and was hosted by the ROTC. Amazing smear here considering JROTC students helped other students out of the school. This is really amazing.

— Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) February 17, 2018

The NRA gave a grant for the JROTC program. This isn’t even reporting. It’s clickbait garbage. This isn’t journalism. It’s why no one trusts the media. @C_Sommerfeldt @Janon_Fisher

— Taro Tsujimoto (@RCannon74) February 17, 2018

Good God, I didn't even realize this was the Daily New's front page today. Sometimes media cynicism can be so breathtaking that it becomes affirmative malice.

— Jeff B. (@EsotericCD) February 17, 2018

On par w/ CNN’s celebration of Kim Jung Un’s sis as the lowest media moment of 2018 … if not ever

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) February 17, 2018

Can the media sink any lower?

— Botty McBotface (@JammieWF) February 17, 2018

Make no mistake. ALL those involved with this disgusting hit piece, including the reporters who wrote it, the editors who allowed it, and the punk who wrote the fake news headline are nothing more than leftist propagandists masquerading as journalists.

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