It has happened again. Once more one of my about 500 Facebook friends has been attacked and beaten up.

The last time it happened, a Swedish friend was attacked and robbed by Muslim migrants, and this time it was even worse, in the sense that the victim was a woman.

It was on Friday night that Tine was at a private party in Bergen, Norway, where also a Syrian Muslim migrant had been invited. Suddenly she saw that he took a mobile phone from a girl, put it in his own pocket and refused to give it back. When Tine told him to give it back and pointed at the pocket to indicate that she saw what he did, he hit her several times in the face with a fist.

Tine, who has a basic course in Krav Maga, was first unable to react to the sudden and unexpected attack, but when someone pulled him away, only for him to break loose to attack her again, she was ready. She hit him in the face holding a key chain, but this did not stop him, however, and she received more punches and kicks, until he was restrained.

The beating was so severe, with about 12 punches to the face, that Tine had to be taken to hospital, while the police came and arrested the perpetrator.

According to Tine, the man is a Syrian migrant who has been in the country for about a year, but when the local newspaper BA, reported about the matter, as usual this was not even mentioned.

“Police responded to a party in Fyllingsdalen where a woman was subjected to violence.

– She was beaten several times in the face with a fist. She was severely beaten and was bleeding from a cut in the head. It was uncertain whether the nose was broken.

The police arrested a man in his mid-20s who are charged with the assault.

The woman, who is in her late 20’s, was taken to the emergency room.”

Tine says today that her head hurts, but she is mostly sorry that she was unable to get more punches in and whoop his ass.

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