COPENHAGEN, Denmark – The father-and-son leaders of a divisive anti-immigrant party have been appointed Estonia's interior and finance minister.

Prime Minister Juri Ratas presented his 15-member coalition Cabinet on Monday at the 101-seat Riigikogu assembly.

Earlier this month, Ratas, leader of the left-leaning Center Party, clinched a surprise deal with the nationalist and euroskeptic Estonian Conservative People's Party, or EKRE, as well as with the conservative Fatherland, to create a majority coalition.

EKRE's Mart Helme was appointed interior minister in the Cabinet, while his son Martin becomes finance minister.

EKRE's strong rhetoric has divided Estonia ever since the party first entered parliament in 2015. The party has advocated abolishing the law recognizing same-sex civil unions, demanded changes to the country's abortion law and fiercely opposed European Union quotas for taking in asylum-seekers.

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