An installation at the Serralves Museum in Porto, Portugal by British sculptor Anish Kapoor reportedly became more interactive than the artist intended when a man fell into the work.

An unidentified Italian man, who was believed to be about 60, required hospital treatment for back injuries after he fell into “Descent into Limbo,” The Times of London reported.

The installation was “a dark hole like an abyss in the center of the floor inside a large concrete cube with a single door.” The sides of the 8-foot-deep circular hole are coated in black pigment, “giving the illusion of a depthless void,” The Art Newspaper reported.

In other words, the hole looks like a black dot painted on the floor.

Visitors are required to sign a disclaimer acknowledging the safety risk of viewing the installation, a spokesman for the museum told The Times. The museum also posted warning signs and kept an employee in the room.

The injured man was reportedly released from the hospital. And the museum has temporarily closed the installation to improve security and make repairs to the work, per The Times.


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