Wednesday, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow commented on former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress.

Maddow said, “At the very top of Chairman Schiff’s question at the close of the hearing, Schiff said ‘I want to close out my questioning and turn to the exchange we had earlier. From your testimony today I gather you believe knowingly accepting foreign assistance during a campaign is an unethical thing to do.’ And Mueller interjects—’and a crime.’ He brings up the fact that is criminal behavior at all. Schiff wasn’t even asking him there. On that and on the president’s promotion of Wikileaks and on some of the stuff Mueller said was still under ongoing current FBI investigation, in terms of people associated with the Trump campaign and their amplification and communication with and welcoming of what Russia was doing, I actually thought he went much further than I thought he was going to go.

“Further than the report went in its four corners,” she added. I thought it fascinating and aggressive in tone. Right up to the end with Mueller, much more than I expected from him.”

She continued, “He acknowledged criminal conduct, and he put it on the president and his campaign.”

Maddow added, “He volunteered another point in the hearing, that while the president couldn’t be indicted, that didn’t mean that others wouldn’t be indicted. And he, again, brought up unprompted the idea there’s ongoing investigations into some of these matters, including the Trump campaign and their interactions with the Russian cutouts and Russian government that were committing these acts. And I, in a million years, I never expected we would hear that today from Robert Mueller.”

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