Following this week’s dispute between White House chief of staff John Kelly and Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL), senior adviser and national spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre accused the Trump administration of trying to “dehumanize” a black woman in every controversy.


“For every Trump controversy, there seems to be a black woman that this administration wants to take down publicly, dehumanize and really just try to destroy. And it’s incredibly dangerous, troubling and disgusting. You have April Ryan, you have Susan Rice, you have Jemele Hill, you have Maxine Waters, and now Frederica Wilson,” Jean-Pierre told host Joy Reid.

Jean-Pierre claimed the Trump administration targets powerful black women because they are “afraid” of them.

“This is what this administration continues to do because they’re so afraid [of] powerful black women,” she added. “That is how they cover up their controversy is by finding one that they can take down.”

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