Want to buy one of the shirts from Milo Yiannopoulos’ store? How about a sweatshirt? Or a comic book portraying Yiannopoulos as some kind of bizarre Batman spin-off?

Tough luck. As ThinkProgress found on Thursday, all of the material on Yiannopoulos’ “Dangerous” online store seems out of stock.

Of the approximately 80 different items you can purchase on the site, only three remain available: Yiannopoulos-branded coffee, a single shirt, and a copy of his forthcoming book (which he has been forced to self-publish). The remaining 90 percent of the store’s items are listed as “out of stock,” including mugs, other books, and even a bright pink belt buckle.

There's always Starbucks.There’s always Starbucks, you know.

It’s unclear why the store’s digital shelves are barren, but the dearth of product follows months of struggles for Yiannopoulos, taking hits to his reputation and his pocketbook alike.

A few months ago, following ThinkProgress’ reporting about Yiannopoulos trying to profit off the latest white nationalist meme, Shopify cut ties with Yiannopoulos’ prior online store. The move effectively ended what appeared to be Yiannopoulos’ sole source of income, following his termination from Breitbart in light of comments that appeared to condone pedophilia. He was dropped as a Daily Caller contributor late last year after only one column.

Milo Yiannopoulos's Shopify store seems to have  disappeared. (CREDIT: AP/MARY ALTAFFER) The walls are closing in on Milo Yiannopoulos

The new store’s apparent collapse also follows on the heels of an NBC report that there’s almost no information available about a supposed college scholarship fund Yiannopoulos created for young white men.

“After two years and multiple scandals that include allegations from former employees of mismanagement, the most basic details of the $100,000 Privilege Grant Foundation fund — its donations, disbursements, and scholarship winners — remain a mystery,” NBC reported.

Yiannaopoulos did not answer NBC’s questions on the matter, instead texting a statement blaming “retards” for his downfall.

It’s possible Yiannopoulos’ store will start bringing in more inventory. It’s likelier, though, that Yiannopoulos continues to descend into the caricature for which he was long destined — a far different image than the one featured in his comic books, which, like almost everything else in his store, he’s now unable to sell.

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