Young women who have decided to depart from far-left feminism are going to Twitter to celebrate their transformations.

One girl posted a before image showing her blue-haired younger self beside a current picture.

“2017 vs 2020,” she wrote. “Thank God for what he did in those 3 years.”

The post explained she stopped “hanging out with ppl who were bad for me, letting them influence me, self-harming, being anxious & depressed, listening to music that made me feel terrible, being angry, being lukewarm and looking like a clown.”

2017 vs 2020 Thank God for what he did in those 3 years. I stopped -hanging out with ppl who were bad for me -letting them influence me -self harming -being anxious& depressed -listening to music that made me feel terrible -being angry -being lukewarm -looking like a clown

— Magdalena 🇻🇦 (@Magdalenahahaha) July 14, 2020

A second young lady posted images from 2016 and 2020 to her Twitter account.

She wrote that she, “went from being a bernie-stanning communist to being the person u see today.”

To achieve this transformation, she “stopped being vegetarian, being feminist and communist, encouraging slut behavior among friends, being an atheist, being anorexic, spending time with bad people and taking the pill.”

A third young woman posted before and after feminism photos, writing, “A lot can change in 3 years.”

“Stopped doing drugs, went to therapy, left feminism & embraced femininity, aligned my behavior to my faith, overcame anxiety & depression, embraced positivity, taught others how to heal, got married to my dream man, living my best life,” she wrote.

A lot can change in 3 years

* Stopped doing drugs * Went to therapy * Left feminism & embraced femininity * Aligned my behavior to my faith * Overcame anxiety & depression * Embraced positivity * Taught others how to heal * Got married to my dream man * Living my best life 🥰

— Dev (@misfitpursuit) July 13, 2020

On the flip side, many images of young women being radicalized in college have gone viral online over the past few years.

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. This what the EDUCATION system does to our youth!

— I am ToRe 🎙️ (@Tore_says) July 6, 2020

At this point Feminism is almost worse then Meth…

Don’t do drugs kids, or become a feminist…

The two go hand in hand…

— QAnonPatriot 🇺🇲🐇 (@QAnonPatriot) October 10, 2018

A tragedy in three parts: (1) Steph in 2012; (2) Steph in 2020; and (3) Steph throwing her father under the bus. What is happening to our youth?

— Based Hobbit (@BasedHobbit) June 27, 2020

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