Twitter users reminded Mike Pence about the human and economic devastation caused by the coronavirus pandemic after the vice president bragged about the stock market on Monday.

Pence highlighted the rising NASDAQ index in a tweet claiming the U.S. economy is coming back under President Donald Trump and “will keep growing with #FOURMOREYEARS!”

Another RECORD broken for NASDAQ today! This economy is coming back under President @realDonaldTrump and it will keep growing with #FOURMOREYEARS!

— Mike Pence (@Mike_Pence) August 17, 2020

Critics pointed out the stock market is not the economy.

They also noted the nationwide death toll from COVID-19, now upwards of 170,000, and the cratering economy, which has cost millions of people their jobs.

Pence faced similar backlash last week when he boasted about the number of jobs created during Trump’s presidency.

NASDAQ doesn't feeding UNEMPLOYED Americans. You have failed 41 million who are without jobs.

— Monica Fraker (@FrakerMonica) August 18, 2020

The stock market is NOT the U.S. ECONOMY!I can't pay my rent, or buy food or insurance with the NASDAQ. People are starving, being evicted, & dying because of you.It's an election year, why not actually do something for the American people instead of your obsequious babbling.

— PointCounterpt (@PointCounterpt) August 18, 2020

170,000 Dead Americans..oh I'm sorry. I don't want to interrupt your celebration…go on

— Charles Upton (@CharlesUpton17) August 17, 2020

Tell that to the families being evicted and going hungry,, asshat!

— Hedy Salazar (@queeniema52) August 17, 2020

Oh ffs. Stock market is a betting game. It's not the economy.

— Pesach *P A C E* Lattin פסח לטין (@pesachlattin) August 17, 2020

Every single coronavirus death is a new record, asshole.

— exGOP – Doug Knox😷 (@PatsFan876) August 17, 2020

Another RECORD broken for American deaths caused by President Coronavirus @realDonaldTrump & @VP @Mike_Pence as of today. Their death toll is climbing above 170,000. Voters will remember their victims. #TrumpkillsAmericans

— Lorena Blas – Register to Vote & Then Vote (@byLorenaBlas) August 18, 2020

Somebody decode this please 👇👇👇

— Leigh Bennett (@leighbennett58) August 18, 2020

The stock market has nothing to do with the economy which has been destroyed by you killing off 172,000+ Americans, not doing your job, doesn't include the troops killed with bounties on their heads. #VPofdeath #presidentofdeath #GOPpartyofdeath All your fault. #SaveTheUSPS

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