Former Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) has “never seen a more biblical president” than President Donald Trump.

In comments posted online by Right Wing Watch, the evangelical former presidential candidate gushed that she was “so impressed” by Trump, specifically when it came to religion. She told the “Understanding The Times” radio program:

“He is highly biblical, and I would say to your listeners, we will in all likelihood never see a more godly, biblical president again in our lifetime. So we need to be not only praying for him, we need to support him, in my opinion, in every possible way that we can.”

Michele Bachmann has never seen "a more biblical president" than Trump: "We will, in all likelihood, never see a more godly, biblical president again in our lifetimes."

— Right Wing Watch (@RightWingWatch) April 15, 2019

Bachmann, who has served as one of Trump’s evangelical advisors, said she prayed to expose the “deep state,” a right-wing conspiracy theory that claims there are people in the government undermining Trump, Right Wing Watch reported. She also claimed these shadowy figures were working to “advance cultural and economic Marxism or to advance the goals of Islamic jihad, for instance.”

Given Trump’s less-than-Christian leanings and often-tenuous grasp of the Bible, Twitter critics were quick to question Bachmann:

siri show me the worst possible advert for the bible

— Letters of Note (@LettersOfNote) April 15, 2019

I didn't realize god had to pay to cover up having sex with porn stars. #TheMoreYouKnow

— Mary E. McGlynn (@MaryEMcGlynn) April 15, 2019

She's right – Trump is the devil as depicted in the Bible: Michele Bachmann Says Trump is 'Most Biblical President' of 'Our Lifetime' via @mediaite

— (((DeanObeidallah))) (@DeanObeidallah) April 15, 2019

Matthew 25:35

— Brooke Binkowski (@brooklynmarie) April 15, 2019

What on earth is she talking about?

— Michael McKean (@MJMcKean) April 15, 2019

So Michelle Bachmann says Trump is “the most biblical president ever.”

— Meryl Mullane (@MerylM) April 16, 2019

Well, Old Testament maybe

— Chapeaudepape (@Popehat) April 16, 2019

Christlike pornstar payoffs. Praise the lord. Amen.

— Dear Friend (@diannemando) April 15, 2019

Remember, Michele Bachmann is the same woman who wanted everybody to slit their wrists and become blood brothers to stop healthcare.She has also said that she is not a kook.

— Marsha Warfield (@MarshaWarfield) April 16, 2019

What bible is she reading?

— Craig (@EBethCraig) April 16, 2019

Yes Trump is biblical alright… #Bachmann #Evangelicals

— Aryeh Peretz🥶 (@Jethro_Aryeh) April 16, 2019 Download

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