One of Terry McAuliffe’s staffers told Fox News reporter Houston Keene to “fuck off” after he tried to ask McAuliffe a question following a campaign event in Harrisonburg, Virginia, on Thursday.

McAuliffe spoke to a “handful” of his supporters in Harrisonburg during the final week of campaigning before Tuesday’s election. Keene attempted to ask the Democratic candidate a question, but one of his staffers vulgarly prevented Keene from doing so.

As reported by Fox News, “After the event, a Fox News reporter trying to ask McAuliffe a question was told to ‘f— off’ by one of the Democratic candidate’s staffers.”

A McAuliffe spokesman told @HoustonKeene to “fu— off” when he was trying to ask McAuliffe a question yesterday.

— Cameron Cawthorne (@Cam_Cawthorne) October 29, 2021

The staffer’s response to Keene is just the latest profane gesture from McAullife allies. On Thursday, photos revealed McAuliffe’s daughter giving the middle finger in front of Republican offices that featured signs for McAuliffe’s Republican opponent, Glenn Youngkin.

Terry McAuliffe's daughter flips off rival Glenn Youngkin's signs

— New York Post (@nypost) October 29, 2021

As the election comes closer, the Democrat candidate’s campaign is losing steam. Youngkin has made significant strides into McAuliffe’s once commanding lead. Recent polls show the race is essentially tied. However, In a new poll of likely voters released on Friday, Youngkin now leads at 49 to 46 percent.

Virginia’s 2021 gubernatorial election takes place this Tuesday, November 2.

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