Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) joined SiriusXM host Matthew Boyle on Breitbart News Saturday, where he discussed the future Supreme Court vacancy.

“It makes those never-Trumper Republicans look quite foolish,” Gaetz said of President Donald Trump’s third nomination to the highest court in America. “I’m thinking of the consultatory class that got all fat and happy on the losing campaign of Jeb Bush and John Kasich and the like. They all tried to tell us that it would be better if Hillary Clinton were elected in 2016.”

“I’m just wondering what the court would have looked like if Hillary Clinton had three picks on it instead of Donald Trump,” Gaetz added. “This gives us the chance to reshape jurisprudence in the country for a generation. I think the president is very excited about the pick. He told me when I spoke with him he wanted a pick with some sizzle, some pop, some excitement, and I think that Amy Barrett will unquestionably get the country excited.”

Gaetz also commended President Trump’s efforts to nominate a woman, saying he thinks it is “great,” adding that he believes Barrett will be a “fantastic jurist.”

“The question is how will the Democrats react,” Gaetz said. “Did they learn anything from the Kavanaugh event, where the backlash, I think, was severe and justified given the personal destruction was the centerpiece of their playbook.”

Boyle highlighted the left’s cruel efforts to smear Barrett through the use of her adopted children and questioning whether they were adopted properly from Haiti.

“The left is all about immigrants until Republicans love them and care for them and bring them into their families and do right by a fellow human being on the planet earth,” Gaetz stated. “It just shows how fake it all is. It shows the hypocrisy, and it’s no surprise that they would go after families for an attack.”

“Is the new standard for Supreme Court nominations slash and burn personal politics,” Gaetz questioned. “Even for Kavanaugh, I wish we had had more discussions about his legal theory, his views on privacy, the role of the court, the role of the executive.”

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