LGBTQ activists are attempting to push through the Massachusetts legislature Wednesday a bill that would make it a crime for children and their parents to obtain professional counseling for unwanted sexual attractions or gender confusion.

The legislation, if enacted, would equate mental health counseling for a young person’s unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion with child abuse.

“SB 70 AND HB 140 target parents simply trying to assist their gender confused children by requiring that any counseling (specifically talk therapy) that they receive affirm liberal gender ideology and sex changes,” says the Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI), which opposes the legislation.

“A well-meaning mental health provider would be handcuffed and not able to explore the source of a client’s feelings, and be required by law to affirm hormone therapy and sex change surgery, regardless of the views of parents or what is in the best interest of the child,” the group states, adding:

This legislation would empower courts to side with a parent demanding a child receive surgery and hormones over a parent looking to allow a child to develop naturally. This is despite the fact that many children out-grow gender confusion and could be permanently sterilized by surgery or hormone therapy.


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