A sign posted on a busy roadside in southern Maryland warns liberals to arm themselves if they’re going to attempt to impeach Donald Trump.

“Hey liberals,” taunts the low billboard in Huntingtown in Calvert County. “Better get your guns if you try to impeach President Trump.” It’s signed: “From all of your deplorables in Calvert County.”

The county sheriff’s office has been inundated with comments both supporting and attacking the sign, CNN reports.

“We get complaints it’s there and we get complaints that he is taking it down,” Capt. Dave Payne told The Calvert Recorder.

Payne has told various media outlets that a sheriff’s deputy has talked to the owner, whom he did not identify, and that he is considering taking it down or modifying it.

“If the guy wants to, he can keep the sign up,” Payne told the Recorder. “We conferred with the state’s attorney, and as of right now, he is not violating any laws. We are at the mercy of the law.”

While the sign has several admirers, others find it threatening. One mother said it scares her young son. “I hate that billboard,” she told WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C. “I think it’s very threatening.”

Payne told The Baltimore Sun that the man who owns the billboard has posted a number of different messages over the years, including many mentioning Trump.

“He tends to have something controversial,” Payne told The Sun. “This one [seems] to be the most controversial.”

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