White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows insisted on Fox News Sunday that he hadn’t a clue about the dangerous right-wing conspiracy cult QAnon — and had to “Google [it] to figure out what it is.”

“I don’t know anything about it,” Meadows said, even after his Google research, in a testy exchange with host Chris Wallace. He then refused to disavow the group, which has been labeled a domestic terror threat in a recent report by the FBI. He called the issue “ridiculous.”

Meadows should have checked with Homeland Security’s Acting Secretary Chad Wolf, who’s aware of the FBI’s conclusions about QAnon, and told Jake Tapper on CNN Sunday that he had no reason to question them.

Meadows launched into a heated back-and-forth with Wallace after he questioned him on President Donald Trump’s increasing support for the group, whose disciples the president has insisted “love our country.”

Meadows blasted Wallace’s question as “appalling,” and declared that it shouldn’t be asked with “all the important things going on.”

Meadows finally insisted: ”I don’t see it as a legitimate thing that should be addressed, so we’re not going to address it.”

Check out the fireworks in the video clip up top.

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