Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) took a page out of the right-wing playbook Wednesday and praised NFL players who refuse to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

“Shoutout to the brave @NFL players who are standing their ground in their workplace, refusing to take the #COVID19 vaccine that is NOT FDA approved,” she wrote. “Athletes are not in the risk group & shouldn’t be discriminated against for trusting their immune systems.”

Shoutout to the brave @NFL players who are standing their ground in their workplace, refusing to take the #COVID19 vaccine that is NOT FDA approved.Athletes are not in the risk group & shouldn’t be discriminated against for trusting their immune systems.#WeWillNotComplyAct

— Marjorie Taylor Greene 🇺🇸 (@mtgreenee) June 24, 2021

Though no coronavirus vaccine has full Food and Drug Administration approval, several have emergency use authorizations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends all adults get vaccinated.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold and Buffalo Bills receiver Cole Beasley are among players who have declared they aren’t vaccinated.

Beasley’s defiant tone objecting to continued restrictions on unvaccinated players caused a lot of head-scratching. In a lengthy post, he suggested he would build immunity on his own by eating better and drinking water.

“I’m not going to take meds for a leg that isn’t broken,” he said, adding: “I may die of COVID, but I’d rather die actually living.”

More than half of NFL players have had at least one shot, according to The Washington Post. The Colts, Jaguars, Cardinals and Chargers are among the teams with the lowest vaccination rates.

Greene, a noted conspiracist who’s intent on getting Dr. Anthony Fauci ousted from his Biden administration post, got piled on by Twitter.

You have an odd definition of bravery. Risking one's health and the health of teammates, coaches, and staff is selfish.

— Susan Szilagyi (@susanszil) June 24, 2021

Can only imagine what all you said about this behind closed doors

— Kevin Boulds (@kevin_boulds) June 24, 2021

The NFL and NFL Players Association are encouraging, but not mandating players to get vaccinated.They will have to follow covid protocols should they opt out of vaccination.There is no controversy here. You got nothin'

— New York Strong⚖️ Pass HR1 (@MshellButtercup) June 24, 2021

Ya so brave risking their lives and their teammates lives to own the libs. I'm sure their owners are super stoked.It's not like there's millions of dollars on the line or anything.

— LIFO the Party🎶 (@e_a_z_y_E_1) June 24, 2021

Absolutely, as we have seen how well your immune system works against Polio or Small Pox, etc.

— Mike Griffin (@MikeGri76354586) June 24, 2021

Delta variant is gonna love you. Too bad it can't vote.

— LTB ❤🌊☮ (@leentielu) June 24, 2021

Yes – kudos for them for taking part in your big Darwin experiment.

— Michelle (@michDinATL) June 24, 2021

My body my choice right?!!!!

— Birgit (@hoermalzu1) June 24, 2021

— Rock Kregick (@Denniskerg) June 24, 2021

Well then they should form their own little league just for themselves then. They trust science and medicine to fix injuries..but just not about this one thing. Gotcha.

— Pitbull330 (@pitbull330) June 24, 2021

I’m concerned this tweet isn’t going to age well

— Charlie Royster (@RoysterCharlie) June 24, 2021

Imagine fighting this hard to avoid doctor’s advice to get vaccinated.

— Dean Auker (@AukerDean) June 24, 2021

Yeah! And don't forget those brave #NFL players standing, err, kneeling, their ground in their workplace to bring attention to other societal issues.These athletes shouldn't be discriminated against for using their first amendment rights .

— Mr. M (@MrMiller23) June 24, 2021

Funny how some eat hot dogs and bologna most of their lives but won't get the vaccine because they don't know what's in it

— oil gas and chemicals (@ChemicalsOil) June 24, 2021

It’s got emergency fda approval and volumes of information showing it’s efficacy, numbnuts

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