A man wearing a MAGA hat carrying an American flag took the brave decision to walk through Seattle’s ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone’, which is being occupied by left-wing radicals.

The first clip shows a white Antifa member ripping the flag from the pole before it is retrieved by other CHAZ occupiers and given back to the man.

Man gets flag ripped from him#CHAZ #CHOP #automouszone pic.twitter.com/SVPEM49nrP

— The Daily CHOP (@ChazDaily) June 15, 2020

Another man wearing a tan jacket then suggests that the Trump supporter is “suicidal” for walking through the area, suggesting that he could be killed.

Man gets flag ripped from him#CHAZ #CHOP #automouszone pic.twitter.com/SVPEM49nrP

— The Daily CHOP (@ChazDaily) June 15, 2020

Perhaps aware of the optics of a Trump supporter being violently attacked, some of the CHAZ occupiers try to protect him from angrier members of the mob.

Another individual subsequently runs up from behind and steals the man’s MAGA hat.

Trump supporter walks through #CHOP #CHAZ #CHOPseattle #autonomouszone pic.twitter.com/8K6hYKvjQ3

— The Daily CHOP (@ChazDaily) June 16, 2020

As the man continues to walk through the area, he is berated by the mob as others demand that nobody films him.

Trump supporter gets hat back and continues walking #CHOPseattle #CHOP #CHAZ #autonomouszone pic.twitter.com/LqmzoGFbIT

— The Daily CHOP (@ChazDaily) June 16, 2020

The mob then begins screaming “fuck Donald Trump!” as they continue to surround him.

Trump supporter walks through #CHOPseattle #CHOP #CHAZ pic.twitter.com/Q3Lg1VrMg8

— The Daily CHOP (@ChazDaily) June 16, 2020

The flag is again stolen as other CHAZ occupiers squabble amongst each other as to the optics of attacking a man who has behaved peacefully.

Flag Fight #CHAZ #CHOPseattle #autonomouszone pic.twitter.com/Tfh9Dd3X10

— The Daily CHOP (@ChazDaily) June 16, 2020

Flag fight #CHAZ #CHOPseattle #autonomouszone pic.twitter.com/s0OUVsWPcF

— The Daily CHOP (@ChazDaily) June 16, 2020

Eventually, the mob grows and the man is pinned against the wall. He compromises by selling the flag so he can leave the area without being attacked.


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