Naythen Aubain is accused of chopping up his 90-year-old grandmother and her 87-year-old landlord. (Auburn Correction Facility)

A man accused of killing his 90-year-old grandmother told a judge Tuesday that he “chopped her up in the name of the Lord,” because she, “tried to touch me sexually, and I had enough.”

Naythen Aubain, 29, was arrested Sunday night in Utica, N.Y., after crashing his car into a telephone pole, the Post-Standard of Syracuse reported. Aubain then allegedly confessed to first responders that he had “killed someone,” the report said.

After the arrest, authorities went to Aubain’s home, where he lived with his grandmother Katherine Aubain, and discovered the dismembered remains of her landlord, Jane Wentka, 87, that were partially in her room below and partially outside on the street.


“Police found body parts of Wentka inside her apartment, and her torso and head were found along Albany Street,” Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara said.

"I did do it. I did chop her up. I didn’t only chop her up, I chopped my landlord up too."

— Quote attributed to murder suspect Naythen Aubain, according to police

On Monday night, authorities found Katherine Aubain’s dismembered remains in a shallow grave in Clayville, about a 10 miles south of Utica.

“At this point, both bodies were taken to the medical examiner,” McNamara said. “At this point, it’s hard to tell what we’re dealing with.”

Naythen Aubain was arrested and held without bail on two counts of first-degree murder. He appeared in Oneida County Centralized Arraignment Court on Tuesday night. Prior to his court appearance, Aubain was reportedly in a medically induced coma from the Sunday night vehicle crash, the Observer-Dispatch reported.

“I did do it. I did chop her up. I didn’t only chop her up, I chopped my landlord up too,” he reportedly told Judge Randal Smith.

Naythen Aubain’s attorney said his client would appear in Utica city court Wednesday at 9 a.m. and also undergo a mental examination, the Post-Standard reported.

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