The company that makes Lysol products has urged people not to try injecting disinfectants to treat coronavirus after U.S. President Donald Trump said it “would be interesting to check that.

Manufacturer RB was forced to issue the extraordinary statement a day after Trump was accused of “actively endangering the public’s health” in his latest press briefing.

Referring to research that found isopropyl alcohol is more effective than bleach at killing the virus, Trump said: “And then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute.

“One minute! And is there a way we can do something, by an injection inside or almost a cleaning? Is there a way we can do something like that by injection, inside, or almost a cleaning?”

RB, the company behind Lysol and Dettol brands, issued a statement on Friday saying: “Due to recent speculation and social media activity, RB has been asked whether internal administration of disinfectants may be appropriate for investigation or use as a treatment for coronavirus.

“As a global leader in health and hygiene products, we must be clear that under no circumstance should our disinfectant products be administered into the human body through injection, ingestion or any other route.”

Senior U.S. officials have already had to clarify that there were no plans to inject disinfectant into Americans and experts lambasted the idea wholesale.

Trump's briefings are actively endangering the public's health.Boycott the propaganda. Listen to the experts. And please don't drink disinfectant.

— Robert Reich (@RBReich) April 23, 2020

The White House was also pitching “emerging” research on the benefits of sunlight and humidity in diminishing the threat of coronavirus which Trump said had a powerful effect in killing the virus on surfaces and in the air.

When asked if it was dangerous to make people think they would be safe by going outside in the heat, considering so many people have died in Florida, the president said he was “here to present ideas, because we want ideas to get rid of this thing.”

He added: “And if heat is good, and if sunlight is good, that’s a great thing as far as I’m concerned.”

Trump has made a number of controversial recommendations in the fight against coronavirus – an old malaria drug he touted as a “game changer” was this week found to provide no benefit and a potentially higher risk of death for patients.

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