Two parents in Loudoun County, Va., both of whom were present at what became a raucous school board meeting in Ashburn on Tuesday, told “The Ingraham Angle” that the far-left members must be reined in as they continue unabated in their quest to institute critical race theory into their children’s curriculum.

Ian Prior and Amy Jahr told host Laura Ingraham that after less than half of those who registered to offer public comment spoke, the superintendent put local police in a “tough spot” by declaring an “unlawful assembly” – a call that later led to emotional parents to be arrested.

Jahr said that after former State Sen. Dick Black, R-Prince William/Loudoun, had offered his own public remarks amid cheers from parents.

Prior claimed that there were several attendees at the meeting in Ashburn, near Dulles Airport, who were not parents of the district, with one man accusing others of being “bussed in.”

Police arrest concerned parents at a critical race theory school board meeting. Video

“We didn’t need to bus people in. They made this effort to have this rally. At the end of the day, it was still 3-1 [against the school board]; parents that are going and standing up for their children,” he said.

“They can keep trying, they can keep bussing people in or holding rallies outside, but we are not going to stop. This is the wokest school board in America, and it’s also is the worst school board in America, and we are not going to stop until we get a seat at the table.”


Jahr added that the evening was a “school board meeting on steroids.”

“[They were] silencing us, every time you tried to speak; you try to write emails, they don’t answer us. It erupted, and emotions were high tonight, for sure.”

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