London Mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted out a video bulletin promoting his draconian new knife ban following a series of stabbings that have been terrorizing the city.

“Our message to every young Londoner across our city – don’t risk your future by carrying a knife,” Khan tweeted on Saturday.

Our message to every young Londoner across our city – don't risk your future by carrying a knife.

Share this video and help carry a new message – #LondonNeedsYouAlive

— Sadiq Khan (@SadiqKhan) April 7, 2018

“Share this video and help carry a new message – #LondonNeedsYouAlive.”

Khan’s tweet included a bizarre video ad showing what appear to be mostly London’s migrants and foreigners saying cringey talking points like “London needs me alive” over a backdrop of hip hop music.

“I make the city,” says a child.

“I’m the energy,” says another.

The video continues, panning from one child to another with every sentence.

“The color. The force. The voice. The noise you can’t turn off. Nothing moves forward without me,” they say.

“My mom needs me alive. She needs me alive. My boys need me alive. London needs me alive.”

“So I don’t carry a knife,” concludes a boy.

Though the video doesn’t address the origins or reason for the crime wave, it does make a point to be as “multicultural” as possible.

Khan’s decision to ban knives rather than address the social causes of the violence illustrates his authoritarian bent and lack of awareness of his own policy failures.

For example, London just overtook New York City in number of murders for the first time in history under Khan’s leadership.

The violence epidemic in London has gotten so bad that its hospitals are described as looking like “war zones” from knife and gun wounds (even though guns are also banned in the UK).

“We used to look after people in their twenties. Now people are often in their mid to late teens and children in school uniforms are being admitted under our care with knife and gun wounds,” said Dr. Mark Griffiths, lead surgeon at Barts Health NHS Trust in East London.

“Whereas a young boy being stabbed five or six years ago would have been a horror story, now it’s normal. People expect to see people being killed on a daily basis. Members of the public who are not involved in gangs or violence let this pass without comment and you get the society you deserve if you ignore violence.”

It’s not just overall violence that’s skyrocketed under Khan, but sexual violence against children as well.

In just the last year, the number of sexual offenses committed against children in London spiked by 30% to 1,200 crimes.

This news isn’t that shocking given the UK’s inaction against Muslim sex traffickers who’ve been exploiting and raping British children for decades despite law enforcement’s full awareness due to their apprehension to arrest the perpetrators for fear of being labeled “racist.”

With these facts in mind, it’s laughable to see Khan try to curb the violence with feel-good tweet hashtags and insane mandates like “knife bans,” when the real origins of the violence are due to cultural and societal problems fueled by runaway migrant policies, constant political correctness, and incompetent law enforcement.


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