CNN commentator Van Jones said only three things happened during the debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday night.

Boiled down, it was really just one thing: Trump’s outright refusal to condemn white supremacist hate groups.

“Number one: Donald Trump refused to condemn white supremacy,” Jones said, adding:

“Number two: The president of the United States refused to condemn white supremacy. Number three: the commander-in-chief refused to condemn white supremacy on the global stage in front of my children, in front of everybody’s families.”

Urged to condemn violent white supremacist groups by moderator Chris Wallace, Trump at first ducked, played coy and demanded a name of one.

Biden suggested Trump denounce the neo-fascist hate group called Proud Boys. But rather than do so, Trump advised them to “stand back and stand by.”

Jones called that a “wink and a nod” to “a racist, Nazi, murderous organization.”

Indeed, the group is now celebrating Trump’s shout-out online, with replies such as “standing by sir.”

So far as the CNN commentator was concerned, that made it the only moment that mattered.

“That’s the only thing that happened tonight,” he said, his voice rising with rage. “That’s what happened tonight.”

Only three things happened tonight:1. #DonaldTrump refused to condemn white supremacy.2. The #POTUS refused to condemn white supremacy.3. The #CommanderInChief REFUSED to condemn white supremacy on the GLOBAL STAGE.NOW LOOK AT WHAT IS HAPPENING ONLINE.THIS IS NOT OKAY.

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