President Donald Trump will hold a Monday evening rally in Swanton, Ohio.

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8:25 PM: Trump says we are rounding the turn on the Coronavirus and says he is proud that Big Ten football and Ohio State football will be coming back. Trump says he didn’t think about Big Ten football too much before Biden ran a “disinformation” ad. Trump says he called up the commissioner and asked what he could do to get Big Ten football back up and running. Trump says he helped them with testing because “we have the greatest testing in the world.” Trump says all of a sudden the pressure became so great that the full league is opening again. Trump says it’s not about taking credit but ads that “we were the ones who did it.”

8:23 PM: Trump says he heard from someone that Democrats are “not even trying for Ohio” because “I love you and you love me, and that’s the way it is.”

8:17 PM: After saying the Second Amendment wouldn’t be here if he were not president, Trump says he is the only thing standing between “you and chaos.”

Trump says Biden’s justices will remove “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance. Trump says “they want to take God out of everything.”

He says Democrats also want to ban prayer in public schools and make taxpayers pay for late-term abortion. He says Biden’s justices also want to “erase borders.”

Trump says Biden will “cripple” police departments and make the death penalty unconstitutional.

8:11 PM: Trump says he thinks the Supreme Court is the reason he won the 2016 race.

8:06 PM: Trump dares Democrats to impeach him for nominating a Supreme Court Justice like he’s Constitutionally obligated to do. He says he’s the only person who could get impeached for filling a Supreme Court seat.

Trump says he’s going to be announcing his pick on Friday or Saturday. He keeps stressing that this is the “most important thing” for a president.

He now says “probably Saturday” he will announce the nominee.

The patriots in Swanton, #Ohio chant "FILL THAT SEAT!" after President @realDonaldTrump says he will soon announce a nominee for the Supreme Court

— Team Trump (Text VOTE to 88022) (@TeamTrump) September 22, 2020

He says Biden has refused to list the names of his potential nominees because they are too extreme. He says Biden will pack the court with far-left radicals who will transform American society “far beyond recognition.” He says they will usher in a socialist agenda from the bench because they can’t pass it with legislation.

8:04 PM: Trump says you get in big trouble if you say “suburban housewives.” So he says “suburban women” don’t want project next to their communities. Trump says this includes minorities who live in the suburbs. He said he got rid of the Obama-Biden “regulation” that was “destroying suburbia.” He says “suburbia has gotta wake up.” He tells the crowd the Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) is in charge of the program so “you better get smart.”

8:02 PM: Crowd chants “fill that seat” after Trump says he’s going to be announcing his nominee soon. He says he doesn’t want to make the “men too angry,” but “it’s going to be a woman.”

8:01 PM: Trump rips the cable networks for not airing his rallies live. He says they would be great for ratings.

8:00 PM: Trump, with another New York reference, says it feels like Madison Square Garden on the ground but with more people.

7:57 PM: Trump says he’s going to win Ohio by more than he did in 2016. Trump says he has televisions everywhere–from ceilings to bathrooms–and he says the poll that showed him tied in Ohio is “fake.”

“I don’t think so,” Trump says. He says they said he would lose Ohio before he won by nine points.

Trump says in 2016 they said he would go home early, and he did–as a victor.

7:56 PM: Trump gets up to the podium and is ready for his primetime rally. “This is a big crowd,” Trump says as the crowd chants: “USA!” USA!”

Crowd in Swanton, Ohio, awaits Trump at his second rally in the state today

— Mario Parker (@MarioDParker) September 21, 2020

7:40 PM: Air Force One is about to land, and the rally should begin shortly.

7:20 PM: After holding an event for workers in Vandalia, high-energy Trump will hold another big rally in Swanton, Ohio, this evening. Trump concluded his event in Vandalia and is on his way to Swanton.

Here’s the scene right now for the “Great American Comeback” Trump rally set to begin at 7 outside Grand Aire at the Toledo Express Airport. The president has not yet spoken in Vandalia for his first Ohio campaign stop of the day so he may be late to this Swanton event.

— Micaela Marshall (@MMarshallTV) September 21, 2020

The line of people already waiting to see President Trump speak in Swanton, Ohio, tonight:

— Craig Mauger (@CraigDMauger) September 21, 2020

Terry from Detroit, MI wears his homemade “fill the seat” sweatshirt to President Trump’s rally in Ohio today.

“My daughter made this for me yesterday,” he says.

— Nicole Sganga (@NicoleSganga) September 21, 2020

SWANTON, OH — Supporters already lined up outside, 8 hours before President Trump’s airport hangar rally tonight.

Buses are dropping off people by the dozens.

— Nicole Sganga (@NicoleSganga) September 21, 2020

I’m on Airport Highway talking to supporters awaiting President Trump’s rally tonight at Eugene F. Kranz Toledo Airport. ⁦

— Brooks Sutherland ⚔️ (@bsutherlt) September 21, 2020

Many got here early today, but this guy, 64-year-old Rick Frazier of New Bremen, OH, showed up at 10 a.m. Sunday to be first in line. Mr. Frazier has been to 28 Trump rallies, he said.

— Brooks Sutherland ⚔️ (@bsutherlt) September 21, 2020

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