(CNN)During the pandemic, one mom from Staten Island amassed hundreds of thousands of devoted followers for her hilarious videos about the basic things in life that can drive us all a little crazy.

Her name is Lisa Marie Riley, better known as “One Funny Lisa Marie,” and celebrities like Hugh Jackman and Meghan Trainor are among her fans.A former court stenographer, Riley created her Instagram account two years ago to bring some joy to her family after her husband David’s cancer diagnosis.David died this past weekend, a spokesperson for the family said on social media. He was 40 years old.Riley told CNN that David “fought like a bull to the very end.” Read More”It doesn’t feel real what has happened,” she said. “He will be forever missed. It’s been a long battle, I have no words. We are heartbroken.” View this post on Instagram

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Chances are, you’ve probably stumbled on one of Riley’s videos. Whether it’s about doing her family’s laundry or the pedicure prices in her hometown, she’s amassed millions of views for telling it like it is, all while sporting her now iconic white hair clip.Alongside the lighthearted videos, Riley would provide updates about her husband’s cancer treatment. But fans didn’t know that she quit her job to take care of her husband at the start of the pandemic, held odd jobs to cover their mounting medical bills and moved into her parents’ home when she could no longer afford hers. Despite her husband’s progressing cancer, Riley managed to post videos nearly every day. She always had a smile, and rarely, if ever, mentioned her own sadness. In a 2021 interview with CNN, she said, “When people said I was helping them, I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t understand how or why but I’m honored to be helping anybody going through anything.”Riley and her husband have three children. Her fans have started a GoFundMe to help with their education.

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