Fox News host Laura Ingraham blasted President Joe Biden’s latest plan to curb crime in America and the Democrats’ endorsement of critical race theory amid growing backlash from parents, Wednesday on “The Ingraham Angle.”

“Biden’s lackeys want to wipe the suburbs off the map. Like everything else, they see the suburbs as racist, kind of a sign of decadent White privilege built on the backs of minority suffering. Now, as we’ve warned you, the administration will cajole localities into eliminating so-called ‘exclusionary zoning laws’ that make the suburbs possible,” Ingraham said. “Goodbye picket fence houses, hello high-rises and multi-use living, and of course the rampant crime that can come along with it.”

Ingraham took aim at suburban women who elected Biden citing Wednesday’s speech in which his answer to “terrifying” crime was more gun control on law-abiding citizens. The host blamed the “hard left” Democrat base as the reason Biden won’t actually “crackdown” on crime and instead will push for taxpayer-funded community engagement programs.

Gen. Mark Milley goes on 'woke' rant after critical race theory critique Video

Democrats defiantly refuse to do what we all know works to reduce crime, and they’re doing that in favor of empty symbolic gestures that satisfy their rabid anti-2nd Amendment base.  Under the leadership of President Bill Clinton, and with the help of Senator Joe Biden and Republicans, remember they tackled rising crime in the 1990s.”  

Ingraham also discussed critical race theory, which has been sending shockwaves across the United States in school board meetings. Over the past few months, parents have been raising their voices against the woke and controversial curriculum.

“China has to love critical race theory. In fact, they humiliated Biden’s Secretary of State Blinken in Alaska, last month, when China ended up parroting back to him, the Democrats’ go-to lines about America’s problem systemic racism.”


Ingraham noted that China was also likely happy to hear the United States’ top military brass defending critical race theory during a congressional hearing Wednesday. During the questioning, Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he wanted to understand “white rage.”

“Somehow I don’t think General Milley would ever speak in this dismissive tone he took today to his Chinese counterparts… I have a question for the general. Why would anyone risk his or her life for a country that’s systemically racist, one that brutalizes minorities? Why would any country respect us or follow our lead, if that’s who we are? Those are some questions he should probably think about before touts the value of teaching far-left, Marxist, racist ideology to our troops.”

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