Fox News host Laura Ingraham discussed Democrat policies that she believes are causing huge crime waves across major American cities, Tuesday on “The Ingraham Angle.” She took specific aim at the mayors of cities plagued by escalating violence.

“Of course, the truth is, these progressive mayors, these socialist mayors, are themselves drivers of crime. From defund the police, to eliminating cash bail, to emptying our prisons, the policies they’ve advocated have made urban areas unlivable, violent cesspools,” Ingraham said. “Of course, now that crime is skyrocketing because of their policies, they’re blaming the very group they once attacked for being too hard on criminals.”

Ingraham was referencing an MSNBC contributor, Brittany Packnett Cunningham, who blamed the police for the rising crime rates and advocated for further defunding. Taking aim at Democrats, Ingraham points out the politicization of crime.

“Remember, this is exactly what liberals have always wanted. To me, it was obvious since my first criminal procedure class in law school that most Democrats simply don’t see violent crime as a law and order problem at all. They think crime is committed by people who are misunderstood and oppressed, not by people who are a threat,” said Ingraham. “But If you’re an evangelical Christian who owns a firearm and flies the American flag, you’re definitely a threat.”

Ingraham continued to criticize Democrats saying they “exploit” tragedies to “gain political power,” but tend to ignore crime that doesn’t fit their narrative. 

“Closing the border stopping drug cartels would stop crime. Democrats don’t care.  Supporting DAs who get tough on thugs and gang bangers that would stop crime, but Democrats don’t care. Prosecuting violence and looting like we saw in Portland and Seattle over the past year that would stop crime. Democrats don’t care.  Devoting federal resources to stop deadly fentanyl in the same way that they chase down ridiculous, powerless, ostracized white supremacists, that would stop crime, but Democrats don’t care.” Ingraham continued, “Neither do the media by the way.”


Ingraham went on to accuse the media of inflaming violence instead of looking for ways to stop it and blasted rich White liberals who don’t really care about those suffering.

“There are many many good people in these crime-infested cities, and they see full well that rich White liberals don’t give a you-know-what about them. Rich Lefties care about things like legalizing pot, transgenderism, and abortion on demand. They don’t care about Black lives in the inner city.”

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