(CNN)You see, our days were cold without you, Gaga and Ashanti.

Over the weekend, Lady Gaga and Ashanti did a little duet in Las Vegas of a jazzy version of Ashanti’s hit 2002 single “Foolish.”The pair came together during singer and jazz trumpeter Brian Newman’s “After Dark” lounge show at the NoMad restaurant in Vegas and it was impromptu magic. Thank goodness for social media, with tweeted video of what happened that allowed us all to witness some of it.

Ashanti and Gaga tonight at Brian Newman pic.twitter.com/Ur34Vpixgp

— Timmers (@timwithlove) October 27, 2019

Another vid of Ashanti and Gaga tonight. In case they see this, I want to extend a thank you to Natali, Victor, and Paul for taking time out to talk a bit tonight pic.twitter.com/Ok37nI7cVS

— Timmers (@timwithlove) October 27, 2019

More of @ladygaga & @Ashanti vibing together as they performed at The NoMad in Las Vegas last night with @BrianNewmanNY! 🎺🕶 pic.twitter.com/512SeOTooL

— HAUS OF FRANKIE (@frankiefermi) October 27, 2019

👯‍♀️ @ladygaga & @ashanti engaging in an energetic dance as they performed together at the NoMad in Las Vegas last night! Loving the energy! ❤️ pic.twitter.com/n9gBuSvKfh

— HAUS OF FRANKIE (@frankiefermi) October 27, 2019 Ashanti recently confirmed to “Entertainment Tonight” that she has new music coming “Very, very soon.”Read More”I’m working on an EP, I’m so excited about the new music,” she said. “I have a project coming out November 15 that’s going to be crazy, and I have a single out now, ‘Pretty Little Thing’ featuring Afro B.”

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