During Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the eponymous host took several shots at President Trump during his opening monologue. It did not take long for Kimmel to begin mocking the people donating to the GoFundMe page set up to secure money for the border wall, claiming that “a lot of these people are dipping into their meth money for this.”

Kimmel began by talking about the President’s upcoming vacation, where he remarked that “Mike Pence will be checked into a kennel and the President will jet to Mar-a-Lago.” Kimmel predicted that “this could be the last Christmas Don Jr. will be able to spend with his dad without being separated by a glass partition,” as the crowd erupted into laughter.

After recycling left-wing talking points on government shutdowns, Kimmel informed his audience that Trump “might not need Mexico or Congress to pay for the wall at all because there are some very dopey people ready to pay for it themselves.”

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