Left-wing Hollywood director Judd Apatow believes that by ignoring climate change “We are murdering our children.”

“We are murdering our children. It’s as simple as that. The President could care less,” Apatow said on Monday.

We are murdering our children. It’s as simple as that. The President could care less. https://t.co/zKMZU3r8VT

— Judd Apatow (@JuddApatow) July 29, 2019

The Girls producer and comedian was responding to a tweet shared by CNN’s Brian Stelter, which an NPR article was shared. “Opinion: Is Anything More Urgent Than The Temperature Of Our Planet?” read the headline of the opinion piece.

>> @nprscottsimon: “A number of years from now, how many other important news stories we speak about this week will be as urgent as the temperature of our planet?” https://t.co/TCBNpUJ79L

— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) July 28, 2019

One possible answer to this urgent rhetorical question is: “all of them.”

Certainly, if the actual data is to be believed — as opposed to the scaremongering stories at NPR and CNN — there is nothing remotely abnormal or concerning about the heatwaves such as the recent one in New York.

It appears that some of Apatow’s Twitter followers are either better informed and funnier — or more attuned to liberal Hollywood hypocrisy — than he is:

I assume you are sitting in an un-air conditioned tent, and using a solar powered smart phone to tweet.

— BJCHESTER (@BJCHESTER) July 29, 2019

Says the pro abortion guy which has killed millions of babies.

— Corvette68 (@Corvette683) July 29, 2019

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