New York (CNN)The morning after rioters violently stormed the US Capitol, “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough passionately reprimanded Capitol police and said Trump should be “sent to jail today.”

Scarborough, a former Florida congressman, expressed his rage about how quickly and easily law enforcement lost control of the siege. “Trump supporters come in and you open the f***ing doors for them,” Scarborough yelled, addressing the police force. “You open the doors for them and let them breach the peoples’ house.”The “Morning Joe” co-host lambasted police for images of law enforcement patting rioters on the back and taking selfies with insurrectionists.They “politely opening the door for terrorists who had scrawled on the door, ‘murder the media,'” he added.Read MoreFour people died during the chaos, according to the Washington Metropolitan Police Department. One woman was shot by a US Capitol police officer and three other people had medical emergencies.Trump is to blame, Scarborough said. The mob that stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday was filled with enraged Trump supporters and conspiracy theorists whom the president fed misinformation about the election.Scarborough, once Trump’s friend, was criticized for favoring Trump as a presidential candidate in 2016. The morning show host has become a fervent critic of the president and Republicans. In 2017, he announced he was leaving the Republican Party. On Thursday, he shared his rage about how the president stoked violence.”He’s an insurrectionist. There are no questions. He should be arrested today,” Scarborough said, speaking about Trump’s actions that led to Wednesday’s violence. “He should be sent to jail today for insurrection against the United States of America.”Scarborough questioned the Capitol police’s lack of action.”Even as a member of Congress, I had to have my ID to get in,” he said. “Why weren’t the Capitol Hill police better prepared for this? Why wasn’t the city of Washington, DC, better prepared for this?”The morning show host also pointed out that this level of violence in official US government buildings hasn’t happened since the War of 1812 when the British stormed Washington.

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