Joe Biden firmly debunked one of President Donald Trump’s biggest boasts with a new campaign video released on social media Friday.

The 35-second clip takes Trump to task over his 2016 election campaign claim that he would be “the greatest jobs president God ever created.” The graphic-style animation begins by showing the number of jobs created under formers presidents from Harry Truman to Barack Obama. For Trump, it then shows how 5 million jobs have been lost during his time in office.

“Donald Trump is the worst jobs president in recorded history,” reads text that appears on the screen. “We can’t afford another four years of his failed leadership,” says the caption.

Check out the video here:

Donald Trump claimed he would be "the greatest jobs president God ever created."But the fact is he's the worst jobs president in recorded history.We can't afford another four years of his failed leadership.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) September 18, 2020

Trump has long made the economy the basis of his 2020 reelection campaign.

But even before millions of jobs were lost because of the coronavirus pandemic, the 6.7 million roles created during Trump’s presidency paled to the 11 million created during the Obama/Biden administration.

Biden, who proposes to boost the economy with his “Build Back Better” plan, has argued on the campaign trail that had Trump taken decisive action at the start of the pandemic, then millions of jobs would not have been lost — and thousands of lives would have been saved.

COVID-19 has now killed almost 200,000 people nationwide and is forecast to kill at least 200,000 more by the end of the year.

Trump in early February admitted in a recorded interview with journalist Bob Woodward ― for the reporter’s new book, “Rage,” — that he understood the dangers of the deadly virus. But in public the president chose to lie and mislead the American public by downplaying the threat.

Trump also pushed for the premature reopening of schools and businesses, touted unproven drugs as cures, pondered injecting disinfectant as a treatment and sent mixed messages on the importance of wearing face masks.

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