Jim Carrey blasted the NFL and President Trump on Twitter Tuesday, accusing the league of exploitation and siding with a “draft-dodging racist.”

In addition, the actor/comedian suggested that NFL sponsors should “rethink sponsoring moral cowardice.”

Carrey tweeted:

NFL — who exploits players for 3yrs then abandons them to a lifetime of pain — sided with a draft-dodging racist who uses fake patriotism to squash peaceful protest. Corporations shld rethink sponsoring moral cowardice before we start asking: whose side is Nationwide really on? pic.twitter.com/ytVSiE4wfX

— Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) May 29, 2018

The painting and caption represents only the latest edition of what has become a near weekly display of political opposition from Carrey, towards President Trump. Though, this does appear to be the first time Carrey has criticized out the NFL.

The NFL recently created a new policy regarding player conduct during the anthem. The new rule announced on May 23 maintains that players can stay in the locker room if they are not interested in standing for the anthem but that if they do take to the sidelines, they must stand during the song.

Recent reports have confirmed that the league pursued the rule change, at least in part, due to the fear that if they didn’t act President Trump would accuse the league of coddling the anthem protesters.

The rule change enjoys a 53-32 approval/disapproval rating, which makes it extremely unlikely that NFL sponsors will bail on the league anytime soon. Though, the rule change has drawn a tremendous amount of scorn from celebrities and political figures.

The NFL approved the rule change unanimously, with San Francisco and Oakland abstaining.

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