Over the weekend, former ESPN personality and extreme left-wing writer Jemele Hill, criticized the NFL for allowing kicker Justin Rohrwasser, whom Hill claimed is a “white supremacist,” to be drafted while Colin Kaepernick remains unemployed.

Hill unleashed a slew of Tweets attacking the NFL and Rohrwasser after the player was drafted by the New England Patriots on Sunday. Rohrwasser has been questioned repeatedly for the last few years over a particular tattoo he has on is arm that left-wing watchdog groups claim is a racist “right-wing militia” symbol.

After being drafted, Rohrwasser again said that he never intended his tattoo to be about any militias and added that he would cover the ink in the near future.

The explanation did not satisfy Hill. Without any proof, the Atlantic writer launched a broadside against Rohrwasser who she accused outright of being a “white supremacist.”

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