Jason Bateman’s daughter is the latest kid to crash a parent’s work-from-home call.

The “Ozark” actor’s daughter Maple popped into the background of his call with late-show host Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday’s at-home edition of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

“Say hi to Jimmy,” Bateman prompted his 8-year-old as she waved from outside a window. “You see, I keep her outside. That way, there’s more food for me inside the house.”

Jason Bateman's daughter Maple crashed her dad's interview with Jimmy Kimmel.Jimmy Kimmel Live Jason Bateman’s daughter Maple crashed her dad’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

Earlier in the interview, the dad-of-two admitted he’s had a tough time with home-schooling.

“Needless to say, I’m having trouble teaching my 8-year-old second grade. It’s amazing how much I don’t know. Long division is very difficult. I’m great with art. I’m great with setting up the Zoom sessions,” he said.

“Changing the backgrounds, I do know how to do that.”

Bateman quipped that he’d taken his “first shower in four weeks” just for this interview, and he chatted about his Leonardo DiCaprio-inspired handwashing technique, Season 4 of his Netflix show “Ozark” and his support for Direct Relief, a charity supporting frontline medical workers.

Check out his chat with Kimmel below.

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