Ivanka Trump was accused of gaslighting after tweeting advice on how to stay safe amid the coronavirus pandemic this Fourth of July:

Please be safe & responsible this holiday weekend. As we celebrate this 4th of July, follow state & local guidelines to keep you & your loved ones safe. Practice proper hygiene, social distancing & wear a mask when in close proximity to others. 🇺🇸

— Ivanka Trump (@IvankaTrump) July 4, 2020

The guidance tweeted by President Donald Trump’s daughter and adviser late Friday ― on wearing masks and social distancing ― was sound enough.

But it was not well received on Twitter, where critics noted her father’s attendance at an Independence Day celebration at South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore National Memorial, where there was little social distancing or wearing of masks by people in the crowd.

“Gas lighting alert,” tweeted Walter Shaub, the former head of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, in response:

gas lighting alert https://t.co/Umv6x1XOvw pic.twitter.com/V63AP79FbB

— Walter Shaub (@waltshaub) July 4, 2020

Other detractors were similarly angered:


— rabia O'chaudry (@rabiasquared) July 4, 2020

The president's daughter sent this tweet as her father holds an event with no social distancing and optional masks. https://t.co/OvrXeqkozw

— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) July 4, 2020

But wait—– didn't yo daddy just—— https://t.co/0yLmqp2BSe pic.twitter.com/MpzTxcdMtd

— Claudia Jordan (@claudiajordan) July 4, 2020

Who's going to tell her? https://t.co/qMo9C0wiMF

— Helen Kennedy (@HelenKennedy) July 4, 2020

Tell your dad. https://t.co/9SVTq0XAXz

— Wajahat "Wears a Mask Because of a Pandemic" Ali (@WajahatAli) July 4, 2020

"Do as I say, not as I do" — on the evening @POTUS and @FLOTUS star at a paced event with no social distancing and no mandatory masks👇 https://t.co/fhJ9JOInsg

— Carla Marinucci (@cmarinucci) July 4, 2020

We can see your father and siblings not practicing any of this on live tv right now. https://t.co/CPjrBCsdGK

— Kate Brannen (@K8brannen) July 4, 2020

Tweeted as your dad currently has thousands of people packed against each other at #MtRushmore with no masks in sight. https://t.co/6VgDkI6J3F

— James Michael Sama (@JamesMSama) July 4, 2020

Follow state and local guidelines? https://t.co/3KOugNJbS9 pic.twitter.com/fKaxq8c4hn

— Philip N Cohen (@familyunequal) July 4, 2020

Pres. Trump is playing host to a large gathering tonight at Mount Rushmore where little evidence people are wearing masks and they are sitting quite close together. So there's that. https://t.co/giblXlOHLn

— lisa mirando (@LisaMirandoCNN) July 4, 2020

The absolute and total lack of shame is breathtaking. Just an utter inability to hear herself. Repulsive and repugnant villains, the whole wretched bunch. https://t.co/AX35V116a6

— Hussein Ibish (@Ibishblog) July 4, 2020

Unless you're attending a Trump event, of course. https://t.co/22Ttb1vHqS

— Max Steele (@maxasteele) July 4, 2020

This surge in coronavirus cases across the country is the result of your profound lack of leadership. Tens of thousands are dead because of you. You will never wash your ha ds of that.

— Justin Hendrix (@justinhendrix) July 4, 2020

Your brother's girlfriend just tested positive. They don't wear masks. Neither does your idiot father.

— Cheri Jacobus (@CheriJacobus) July 4, 2020

lol okay pic.twitter.com/E58mzM7Cab

— Brian Tyler Cohen (@briantylercohen) July 4, 2020

https://t.co/f7ehIRUTHj https://t.co/n9BOML3SrL

— Jennifer Taub (@jentaub) July 4, 2020

Tell your dad to stop holding rallies without social distancing or mandatory mask wearing.

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