Ivanka Trump on Sunday night announced a trip to Alabama ― and sometimes, the jokes just write themselves.

The daughter of and adviser to President Donald Trump shared an AL.com report that said she would be at the Alabama Robotics Technology Park in Decatur on Tuesday for a workforce development announcement.

Last weekend, her father repeatedly warned the state of a nonexistent storm threat, claiming Alabama “will most likely be hit (much) harder than anticipated” by Hurricane Dorian. Then, he spent the next week defending that warning and insisting that Alabama was facing a storm threat even though it wasn’t.

As a result, Twitter critics responded to her travel plans with some Category 5 cracks:

Even with the hurricane?!?!

— Shugar (@GregShugar) September 9, 2019

Will you be surveying the hurricane damage there?

— Frank Figliuzzi (@FrankFigliuzzi1) September 9, 2019

Please do survey the hurricane destruction and don't forget the paper towels…

— Angela Belcamino (@AngelaBelcamino) September 9, 2019

Wow ,,, your the best First Lady we have ever had ,, that “Obama” family would never visit a Disaster site after a Hurricane

— Walter(Owen's Grandp (@walterowensgrpa) September 9, 2019

Hurricane relief?

— David Rothschild (@DavMicRot) September 9, 2019

Just in case… pic.twitter.com/SVaKjuBgBV

— Make it stop!! (@BeckySharif) September 9, 2019

Aren't they expecting an unpresidented Cat 5 Hurricane?!

— Dollface Jones (@Dolface6) September 9, 2019

Hang in there Alabama. The paper towels are on their way. https://t.co/7TKr7WR12e

— Facts Do Matter (@WilDonnelly) September 9, 2019

Wear something nice! pic.twitter.com/JOG2i0bGCG

— Billy D Resist 45* Never Again is Right Now (@EugJHawk) September 9, 2019

I thought the state was under water? Who am I supposed to believe now??

— Allison Winn Scotch (@aswinn) September 9, 2019

Hurricane Ivanka is a bigger disaster

— Chocolate Harvey Milk #Warren2020 (@ChocoHarveyMilk) September 9, 2019

Why doesn't he just draw you in with a Sharpie then you don't even have to go

— markchildress (@markchildress) September 9, 2019

Are you opening an Arby’s or something?

— Santa Claus, CEO (@SantaInc) September 9, 2019

What exactly do you do? I think of the extraordinary bright hard working women worthy of being an advisor to a President … and then I think of you. #nepotism #danger Why do you have a security clearance?

— Suzanne Lindbergh (@suzannebuzz) September 9, 2019 Download REAL LIFE. REAL NEWS. REAL VOICES. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Join HuffPost Plus

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