In response to President Joe Biden’s Tuesday speech on voting rights protection in Philadelphia, Fox News host Laura Ingraham ripped the president on “The Ingraham Angle,” claiming that “as usual, liberals are at war with the facts” and that Biden was “just reading whatever script his writers handed to him.”

During his speech, Biden called “the assault on free and fair election” a “threat” and claimed Americans are facing the “most significant test of democracy since the Civil War.” Biden went on to specifically call out the Texas state legislature for their push for new voter reform.”In Texas, for example, Republican-led state legislature wants to allow partisan poll watchers to intimidate voters and imperil impartial poll workers,” he said. They want to make it so hard and convenient that they hope people don’t vote at all.”

Ingraham countered Biden’s statements by posing the question of whether or not allowing “an extra hour of required early voting in Texas” is an assault on democracy. She also noted that the increase would put Texas’ voting window “two to three hours longer than Joe’s home state of Delaware.”

Ingraham went on to point out the hypocrisy in the president’s statements on “partisan poll watchers,” arguing that some of his claims about the Texas legislation are “lies.”

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“I believe I counted four, maybe five lies there. But for the record, the Texas legislation gives poll watchers free movement, except, of course, contrary to what Biden alleged, not when voters are filling out ballots,” Ingraham exclaimed. “And forcing poll watchers to stand at such a distance that they couldn’t reasonably observe the process would be a criminal offense. You got to have eyes on potential cheating.”

Ingraham also torched Biden’s claims that the Texas bill aims “to make it harder” for Americans to vote, “and if you vote, they want to be able to tell you your vote doesn’t count for any reason.”

“So dramatic, also totally false,” she said. “As we pointed out last week, the Texas bill to expand voting hours for all registered voters. And the bill is even lower the population threshold needed for counties to provide additional early voting hours.”


“Democrats want to rig every election going forward to make it nearly impossible for a conservative to win again,” Ingraham opined. “They’re now effectively arguing that the very voting rules that delivered two two-term victories for Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are essentially just like Jim Crow 2.0.”

“So this leaves them really with only one option in their mind, which is to promote racial fear-mongering in pretty much everything around them. We already know what they’re doing in our schools, to our workplaces, the military, even to now our system of voting.”

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