Fox News host Laura Ingraham opened Wednesday’s “Ingraham Angle” slamming the Left for playing the nation and fueling the rage against law enforcement. Ingraham saying, “what they really want to do is to convict America.”

INGRAHAM: They really want you to think they really care about Black people in America.  About their well-being and safety.  About protecting them from abuse and discrimination.  About ensuring equal justice under the law. 

But here’s the dirty little secret — the most powerful forces in America fueling the current rage against police they are playing everyone… and they’re using grieving families to perpetrate their fraud on all of us.  Their goal isn’t “justice,” it’s revolution.  They don’t even care about convicting police officers who commit crimes – what they really want to do is to convict America. 

Evidence, facts, crime statistics — none of that matters to the Race Patrol.  They need you to believe that crimes aren’t actually committed by individuals – they’re caused by a racist society.  And the fact that there was no evidence of racial animus in Chauvin’s actions didn’t matter either.  He was White, the victim was Black.  It wasn’t his knee on the neck of Mister Floyd, it was America’s. 


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