Fox News host Laura Ingraham laid out a plan Thursday on what the Republican Party’s agenda should be in the next three years on “The Ingraham Angle.”

Ingraham took aim at the Washington establishment saying, “Our elites in politics and the media really want you to know they care deeply about the Afghan people.  So much that they want to bring as many as possible here to the United States as possible.”

Ingraham noted that is “heart-wrenching” to see suffering happening across the globe but there remain very real problems in the United States that politicians are ignoring.

“You don’t have to go to the Afghan provinces near Bagram to see human tragedy, you can see it not far from here in Baltimore.” Ingraham continued, “You don’t need to go to Khandahar to see thousands living in constant fear of violence, you can go to Chicago to see that.”

Ingraham claimed violence from the Taliban should be expected because they are an “Islamic fundamentalist extremist cult” but wondered what the United States excuse was.

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“Why aren’t we more shocked. Why aren’t we demanding a response to the gangs and cartels, the opioids terrorizing neighborhoods right here at home?”

Many are calling on refugees to be admitted into the United State and the border continues to surge, but according to Ingraham, the elites have had it with Americans.

“The more folks from other countries who can come here, the better. Even if we can’t really vet them, even if they become wards of the state, even if they bring in more crime, more violence.. to the left, to the open borders establishment, they’re better than the old normal.”

In response to the elite agenda, Ingraham laid out six things Republicans can do over the next three years: resist the massive Democrat spending, defend states doing the right thing and upholding freedom, protect the border, flight inflation, push for energy independence, and try to win every state.


Channeling former President Ronald Reagan, Ingraham said, “The time is right to our religious freedom, to take our message of freedom and prosperity to the voters on the two coasts, and to the inner cities you bet they have to hear our message too. People are suffering there from incompetent leadership.” 

Ingraham continued, “If we must live through a repeat of the 1970s with Biden, let’s try to follow it with a repeat of the 1980s.”

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