In her “Ingraham Angle” commentary on Monday, host Laura Ingraham said President Joe Biden “blew his chance” to unify Americans and to continue the successful economic policies of the Trump era.

Biden is blowing it.  And in the process, he’s burying America when we should be in the middle of a huge economic revival,” she said. “No elected Republican…no moderate Democrat, no independent, should be helping him spin it any other way,” Ingraham said, going on to criticize Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., of giving Biden political cover during infrastructure negotiations

The host noted Cassidy is one of a handful of Republicans who have been working on a narrow infrastructure spending bill that both Biden and Democratic congressional leaders have said is irrelevant to their plan to pass a second massive spending bill they are also calling infrastructure legislation.

In her recent visits to working-class communities, Ingraham said it is clear the Biden economy is severely hurting their livelihoods and outlook.

“What Americans thought was going to be a fresh start, post-COVID, is on the verge of slipping away,” she said, citing increasingly evident inflation, gas price spikes, and commodity prices also shooting up.

“The public’s optimism about the future is plummeting.  Just since May, according to a new ABC News poll, it’s down nearly 20 points to 45 percent. In late spring, we were all looking forward to the future, the summer and fall, back with friends and family, kids in school without zoom or masks,” she said, adding that many people voted for Biden because they believed he would end the pandemic-related economic strife.

However, she said, Biden and his top medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci, are showing signs they do not want life to return to normal, nor do they want to cede the newfound control they have over Americans’ private lives.

“You get the sense that Anthony Fauci and the CDC’s Rochelle Walensky, didn’t appreciate that Americans were going back to their old lives – traveling, enjoying themselves, slowly returning to the office,” she said.

Neil Cavuto asks Dr. Fauci about bringing back mask mandates Video

“The Delta variant, the Lambda variant…it was always going to be something that they would cite to put us in reverse,” Ingraham continued.

“Biden should have thanked Fauci and sent him on his way, into retirement.  Then he should have instructed his team: ‘Going forward, I want you to focus on engaging in commonsense, respectful dialogue with the American people. No insulting them. No vilifying them’ — Instead, Biden’s team decided to gaslight to the unvaccinated people.”

She went on to play recent clips of Walensky and Biden himself claiming that unvaccinated Americans are to blame for a spike in cases in some areas.

“They’re thrilled.  Fauci loves masks and never wants us to be free of them.  And now they’re totally fine with denying American citizens their basic rights if they refuse to get the jab,” she said, adding that Fauci and Biden are making a “huge mistake” that will further demoralize Americans.


Science, she said, isn’t on their side when they claim vaccinated people need to wear facemasks – “unless you’re conceding the vaccine doesn’t really work.”

She added that Democratic governors needlessly crippled their states’ economies and “stole a year” from schoolchildren, while the feds spent trillions in taxpayer money on subsidies.

“The lockdowns destroyed hundreds of thousands of small businesses. Biden should have said, there will be challenges along the way, but we’re moving forward, no government mandates, no shutdowns,” she said, “But no,” she continued, — pointing out how Fauci is now sounding the alarm to the public that we are allegedly “going in reverse.”

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