Admit it: Even if you didn’t like school, there was always something magical about the first few weeks back in the classroom. Maybe it was the promise of a new beginning, or just the gummy, comforting smell of pristine pencil erasers. Either way, every time I start to miss the feeling of that new-school-year high, I remember something very important: We’re adults now. And adults don’t need to do homework. Our favorites this week Get going with some of our most popular good news stories of the week Hurricane heroes Hurricane Dorian has done serious damage to the Bahamas and put hundreds of thousands of people in danger. But in situations like this, kindness can be its own force of nature. New stories of helpers, heroes, Good Samaritans and guardian angels are coming in every day. These are some of the most outstanding ones we’ve seen: Read MoreA man walked into a Florida Costco and bought 100 generators (!!!) as well as hundreds of dollars of non-perishable food items to send to the Bahamas. (The tab ended up being about $50,000 if you’re wondering.) A 6-year-old boy in South Carolina (in the photo above) was saving up for a trip to Disney World, but decided to use his hard-saved money to feed Dorian evacuees instead. A Bahamian woman has turned her Nassau home into a doggy B&B. She has sheltered almost 100 homeless dogs from the storm, 79 of whom have decided to bunk up in her master bedroom. A-list stars have put together projects to raise money and send aide. Rihanna has promised to used her Clara Lionel Foundation to help, and Ludacris says the roughly $100k in proceeds from his annual LudaDay charity event will go to the Bahamas. A moving Metro moment Friendship formed on public transit goes viralFriendship formed on public transit goes viralbtc washington transit officer comforted autistic boy riding metro schneider pkg newday vpx_00001315JUST WATCHEDFriendship formed on public transit goes viralReplayMore Videos …MUST WATCH

Friendship formed on public transit goes viral 02:18Listen, I grew up in Washington, D.C. and can attest to the fact the Metro system is stressful, even for adults. It was especially stressful for Taylor Pomilla and her 4-year-old son Andrew a few weeks ago. Andrew has autism and had a bit of a meltdown during their Metro commute. Pomilla says her son was screaming, throwing things and pulling her hair, and she was beginning to feel hopeless. Then, a police officer approached. Officer Dominic Case talked to the child and held his hand the whole ride home. As they parted, Case even let Andrew have his badge. Pomilla was so moved she shared a note of thanks on Facebook, asking for the officer’s name. Eventually, the three met up again, and it’s safe to say Andrew has a new hero now. As for Case, he says he just did what he hopes any officer would do. He noted that he attends an annual autism sensitivity training. A rivalry becomes a brotherhood texas odessa el paso football love newsourec orig_00010013texas odessa el paso football love newsourec orig_00010013For years, football teams from the Texas towns of El Paso and Odessa have met on the field as rivals. This year, they met as brothers and sisters. The communities share a tragic connection now after two mass shootings devastated both towns in August. Before Thursday’s game between El Paso’s Franklin High School from El Paso and Odessa’s Permian High School, the two teams traded banners and words of support and encouragement. “West Texas Strong,” read the banner made by the Odessa school. “Odessa Strong El Paso,” read the one from the El Paso team. “Following a horrific situation, the community is coming together for support,” an Ector County district official told CNN. “And together we are strong enough to overcome this.”Raise a glass to… The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration team! They were the ones responsible for the first photo of a black hole that broke the internet back in April. This week, the team won the 2020 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics. The prize, which has a few categories, is considered the “Oscars of Science.” It comes with glory, history and … $3 million. See? Science can be rewarding in so many ways. You gotta see this For Forest, The Unending Attraction of Nature", Art Intervention2019, Wörthersee Stadium Klagenfurt, Austria For Forest, The Unending Attraction of Nature", Art Intervention2019, Wörthersee Stadium Klagenfurt, Austria Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, but there seems to be a forest in the middle of your soccer pitch. This is the Wörthersee Football Stadium in Klagenfurt, Austria and yes, the trees are supposed to be there. The little forest, which is made up of about 300 trees of all species, is an art installation that’s intended to raise questions about the future of the natural world. It’s free to enter and explore, and once the stadium has to go back to you know, sports stuff, the trees will be replanted in a nearby public space. (Please do not write me to complain that I wrote soccer instead of football, I’m American! No one’s perfect.) Wanna get away? How do you determine the very best places in the world? Every year, the “Rough Guide to the 100 Best Places on Earth” takes a stab at it, ranking destinations based on new and returning attractions, newsworthiness and other tempting travel attributes. Tokyo tops this year’s list because of its mix of technology, nature, history and future-forward thinking. Views like this, from the Sensoji Temple, certainly don’t hurt. Who knew? Have you ever wondered why tennis balls are yellow? More importantly, are you one of those people who thinks they’re actually neon green? Bless your heart. Anyway, the history of the tennis ball is really fascinating. Balls used to be either black or white until the late 1960s when matches started being televised. White balls were hard to track on TV, so the International Tennis Federation did a study and found yellow balls were easier to see. The current “official” ITF shade of tennis ball is called “optic yellow,” but to be fair, the color’s hex code (#ccff00) indicates it’s either “Fluorescent yellow or Electric lime.” So, everyone is technically right, even though all of you green believers are wrong in spirit. Come on, it’s clearly yellow. Tell us something good Devizes, EnglandWelcome to your new favorite social media follow. The people — and animals — at the Caenhill Countryside Center have been charming people on TikTok, Facebook and Twitter for a few weeks now, and I’m so glad one of our readers reminded me of them. Chris Franklin, a 61-year-old farmer at the center, posts incredibly wholesome and adorable “Rush Hour” videos of all of the CCC animals pouring out of the barn, ready to greet a new day. There’s Cuthbert the goose, Lucy the goat, Kevin the rooster and a whole host of other farm animals to fall in love with. Franklin voices most of the videos, and there are even a few with glasses-wearing sunflowers that shouldn’t be missed. Thank you to Raquel O. for suggesting this story. Impact your worldThe threat of Hurricane Dorian isn’t over yet for the US, but there are plenty of legitimate and valuable opportunities to help our friends in the Bahamas. Several U.S. charities are supplying medical teams, tarps, radios, food, water and other relief supplies, and the The Grand Bahama Port Authority has set up the Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Fund. Click here for information on these and other relief and fundraising projects. Shameless animal video There’s always time for cute animal videos. That time is now. Are wet sloths cute or does this one just look like a fuzzy Babadook? I vote for cute, especially since he or she seems to be having the time of their life. (Click here to view)

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