Fox Business’ Jeff Flock had to contend with more than heavy rain and fierce winds while covering Hurricane Florence from Carolina Beach, North Carolina, on Friday.

The correspondent also had to keep his cool as several transformers blew up behind him during his live “Fox & Friends” report. “Whoa, you just saw maybe that flash of another transformer going. I tell you, that’s the scary part,” Flock said at the beginning of his broadcast after one explosion lit up the nearby sky.

A second, larger explosion then took place ― which Flock feared shut down the power of the building he was standing by.

Check out the video here:

The Weather Channel reporter Mike Seidel, who has gone viral with a video of himself bracing for the storm, experienced a similar transformer-exploding scare Thursday night:

.@mikeseidel got a scare as a transformer exploded behind him. If you're in an area affected by #florence, please use caution.

— The Weather Channel (@weatherchannel) September 14, 2018

At least seven people have reportedly died as a result of Florence, which made landfall Friday morning and has now been downgraded to a tropical storm.

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