(CNN)The Humane Society of Utah, a private nonprofit animal shelter, has an ambitious goal. It wants to get 400 cats adopted in four weeks.

This isn’t just a cute campaign or a fun internal competition. It’s an effort to make room for the hundreds of healthy cats that are at risk of being euthanized in Utah municipal shelters. Staff members at the Humane Society of Utah realized there was an overwhelming need to get cats and kittens out of kill shelters across the state. “We quickly saw the urgency for this when a lot of our staff were visiting these other shelters and saw how inundated they were with cats,” Deanna Shepherd, a spokeswoman for Humane Society of Utah, told CNN. “We knew it was a crisis and we needed to help.”The shelter launched its campaign October 20, sending out calls on social media, shooting parody videos and giving cats cute bios about their personalities. Until November 16, it will waive all cat and kitten adoption fees as it tries to adopt out as many cats as possible. Read MoreShepherd says kitties are popping up in shelters at a higher rate than usual due to an increased number of unspayed and unneutered cats. Young kittens are especially vulnerable to being euthanized because shelters often don’t have enough resources to care for them, she said. The shelter hopes to take in over 200 of the adoptable cats sitting in kill shelters and find them homes.

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