Hundreds in Chicago gathered for a “Back the Blue” rally to support the police on Wednesday evening.

The large crowd of people gathered in Jefferson Park sporting their “thin blue line” flags and other paraphernalia in support of law enforcement while a small counter-protest was on the other side of the police barricades, WFLD reported.

“The numbers are proving that there are more people who support and love the police, and value the service they provide our communities, Monica Barsamo, a wife and mother of police officers, told WLS.

Families and supporters of the police say they have been through a lot with the coronavirus pandemic and grueling 12-hour shifts for weeks on end with no days off in a summer filled with violent protests and unrest.

“There’s a lot of stuff going on with hatred to the police,” said Back the Blue supporter Joe Carr, “killing the police, hurting the police when they’re out there protecting the safety of the public.”

Hundreds of more police supporters gathered across the country on Labor Day weekend to form their own Back the Blue rallies, some of whom were met by counterprotesters.

Back the Blue events are part of an Act for America grassroots campaign that helps local communities organize events to support their local law enforcement agencies.

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