(CNN)At this point, we’ve all been living in a coronavirus world for more than five months. That’s almost half a year lost to a terrifying and depressing pandemic limbo.

Some of us seem intent on returning to our normal lives, but what we have now is still so far away from normal. Plenty of people are working from home for the forseeable future; every day seems to bring news of another canceled event, and parents are playing guessing games when it comes to school reopenings. Oh, and don’t forget: Cases are still on the rise. Even if you or your loved ones are lucky enough to have avoided the worst of the virus, you’ve probably still had to shelter in place, upend your routines and deal with all kinds of uncertainty, all while keeping yourself occupied, sane and as safe as possible. And let’s face it, there are definitely some things we’ve all gone through. Hopefully this checklist will make you feel a little less alone. To keep busy__ Bought something unnecessary because you were bored and you saw it onlineRead More__ Tie-dyed something__ Made a TikTok account__ Actually learned a TikTok dance__ Felt very old after learning a TikTok dance__ Rewatched at least one of your favorite shows__ Binged a new show__ Finished a puzzle__ Completed a craft project__ Got a pet__ Came to a new understanding of yourself with all of those “which ____ are you” memes__ Participated in some kind of challenge online or in one of those vintage email chains__ Went to a drive-in movie or concert__ Attended a virtual museum, play or festival__ Baked bread__ Baked anything__ Attempted to be good at cooking__ Actually got kind of good at cooking__ Started a garden__ Grew something in your garden __ Joined a (virtual) book club __ Took a socially-distanced road trip__ Went camping, because who needs people and crowds and civilization anyway?__ Visited a national park__ Booked an Airbnb getaway To (attempt to) stay healthy__ Streamed an online workout__ Bought a Peloton or some other (way less expensive) piece of at-home workout equipment __ Became an expert on the best walking routes in your neighborhood__ Went on a long drive just to feel something__ Wore the same clothes a few days in a row__ Gained weight__ Lost weight__ Struggled with an online doctor’s appointment__ Found a therapist__ Started journaling__ Learned how to cut your own hair (or just let it grow and grow and … )__ Grew a quarantine beard__ Gave yourself a pedicure__ Invested in skincare products (aka, the much more pleasant kind of face mask)__ Googled flights to fantasize about vacations you’ll take whenever this ends To master that stay-at-home life__ Wore pajamas to work__ Left your video conference call un-muted on accident__ Had your pet or kid crash a work call__ Invested in a standing desk, second screen or some other tech necessity __ Got disconnected from your WiFi (and had a completely understandable panic attack) __ Learned proper Slack etiquette__ Felt completely out of the loop with the whole WFH thing, because your job definitely can’t be done remotely To be social … kind of__ Canceled or rescheduled a big life event __ Moved out of your place, possibly back to your parents’ or some other more cost-effective situation__ Formed a “quaranteam“__ Organized weekly video call hangouts with friends and family __ Still haven’t gotten tired of weekly video call hangouts with friends and family __ Got tipsy alone in your room during a virtual happy hour__ Committed to never judge someone who’s gotten tipsy alone in their room during a virtual happy hour__ Played Jackbox Games or some other multi-player party game__ Participated in a “PowerPoint party” (popularized by teens, who seem to have no PowerPoint-associated trauma like the rest of us)__ Celebrated a quarantine birthday__ Did a social distancing hangout in someone’s yard, roof or cul-de-sac__ Got in a fight with a friend or family member (because everyone’s on their own emotional rollercoaster right now)__ Went on a FaceTime date __ Fell in love despite it all__ Broke up with someone, because 24/7 with a significant other just proved to be too much To try and process it all__ “Doomscrolled” __ Purchased way too many cleaning products__ Wiped down all your groceries (PS: Experts say there’s no need to do it anymore)__ Sanitized all your packages__ Forgot your mask when leaving the house__ Invested in cute masks after realizing you’ll need them for a long time and, after all, they’re now kind of a fashion statement __ Argued with someone over their thoughts on coronavirus guidelines__ Cried for no reason __ Googled coronavirus symptoms a time or two … or ten__ Actually got a coronavirus test

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