Fox Nation ushers in the month of February with two new episodes of the popular “What Made America Great” series, offering viewers a deep dive into the people, places, and secrets that shaped the United States.

In one episode available now on the streaming platform, host Brian Kilmeade travels through Long Island, N.Y. to learn about a little-known group of ordinary people who played a major role in winning the Revolutionary War.

Kilmeade, the author of “George Washington’s Secret Six: The Spy Ring that Saved the American Revolution,” takes viewers inside The Culper Ring. This spy group was organized by Washington and Major Benjamin Tallmadge in 1778, when the British occupied New York City at the height of the Revolutionary War.

“The spy ring’s goal was simple,” Kilmeade explains. “Find a way to allow America to know what the British were up to and win back New York. They became so good and proficient in what they did, their work was indispensable and their identities were not known to anyone. Now, we know what they did and we know who they are.”

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Caleb Brewster was among the many “indispensable” members of the ring,” Kilmeade said. In his role, Brewster carried messages across Long Island Sound between Tallmadge and the ring’s main spies on Long Island and New York City.

“His safety was always at risk,” Kilmeade said. “Part of the reason was his own fault, he insisted on using his own name and signing his own letters. He knew if he was caught, it was over.”

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