House lawmakers are likely to vote along partisan lines Thursday when the House takes up the first resolution aimed at impeaching President Trump. 

Both Democrats and Republicans are confident most of their rank and file will remain unified with only a few defections on the resolution. Democrats can easily pass the measure with their own majority even if 18 party lawmakers vote “no,” which isn’t expected.

Democrats believe most in their caucus will vote in favor of a resolution that will “affirm” the ongoing House impeachment inquiry that began in late September and that outlines the “public-facing phase of the inquiry” beyond the closed-door proceedings now taking place in the Capitol basement under the direction of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

Republicans are whipping their GOP rank and file to oppose the measure, which House Minority Whip Steve Scalise has dubbed a “continued Soviet-style impeachment inquiry.”

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A top GOP aide told the Washington Examiner “there’s strong unity” in the conference.

“We feel good about the vote,” the aide said.

Trump’s conservative flank said they believe no GOP lawmaker will vote for the resolution, although several retiring moderates may be on the fence, including Rep. Francis Rooney.

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