(CNN)House Democratic leaders are pushing for votes on both the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and the larger $1.75 trillion economic plan as soon as Tuesday, according to three sources familiar with the matter.

A new version of the bigger bill with revisions might be introduced as soon as Sunday, and the Rules Committee could take up the rule as soon as Monday. Then, both bills could be on the floor as soon as Tuesday.The schedule has not been finalized.This comes after President Joe Biden’s last-minute attempt to convince the Democratic caucus to vote for the bipartisan infrastructure bill before leaving for a foreign trip. The press did not work, as progressives made clear they wouldn’t vote for the bill without a vote for the economic bill the same day.Neither Sens. Joe Manchin nor Kyrsten Sinema explicitly committed to backing the framework initially on Thursday when Democrats wanted a vote, leaving progressives not feeling confident rnough to support the infrastructure bill.Read MoreBut Democrats who have spoken with Sinema of Arizona believe she will ultimately support Biden’s $1.75 trillion economic bill, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the conversations.”Sinema will support the framework,” one Democrat who had conversations with her said.Manchin, the other key holdout, has not yet offered much about his views on the proposal. But the West Virginian indicated to CNN on Thursday that he was supportive of the $1.75 trillion price tag, higher than his initial topline number.Democratic leaders tried to call for a vote for the bipartisan infrastructure bill following Biden’s Thursday visit with the caucus but couldn’t generate enough support.Once it passes the House, the infrastructure bill would go to Biden’s desk for his signature, while the economic bill would go to the Senate for a vote. To buy themselves time, Congress passed a second temporary extension of the Highway Trust Fund, ensuring that 3,700 federal employees will not be furloughed. It was set to expire on October 31. Now it will be extended until December 3.Now all eyes are on December 3. That is the same day that government funding runs out and when Treasury warns the debt ceiling will be hit.This story has been updated with additional information.

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