Listen up, motherf**kers: None other than the professor of profanity, Samuel L. Jackson, is offering lessons on how to talk a blue streak if enough people register to vote.

Jackson promised in a video tweet Monday: “I will teach you how to swear in 15 different languages” if at least 2,500 of his 8.5 million Twitter followers go online at his Headcount site to register to vote — or to check their registrations to make sure they’re good to go.

Listen up – If 2500 of you click a voting action below to make sure you’re #GoodToVote, I will teach you to swear in 15 different languages. Go to now!

— Samuel L. Jackson (@SamuelLJackson) September 14, 2020

The “Captain Marvel” and “Pulp Fiction” star earlier urged voters to head to the link and teased then: “You may get a very special ‘tutorial’ from me!”

Fans loved it.

Knew I was registered since I voted in my primary (by mail, no less!), but I clicked anyway because that's a damn good trade…mothafucka.(Love ya Sam! Keep up the good work, on and off screen.)

— Pseudonym (@DudeAbide1) September 14, 2020

Yes sir, he has a PhD in cussology.

— Friendly Introvert (@Gladgirl720) September 14, 2020

You've got yourself a goddamned deal!!!

— Nick C (@Medieve1) September 14, 2020

Count me in!

— Concerned Citizen 🧢 (@FierceGenXer) September 14, 2020

I am #goodtovote I can't wait to learn what Samuel L. Jackson has to teach me.

— Ellehcim 🌊 (@_michee_m) September 14, 2020

#GoodToVote even if I live in a different country, would like to join for the class. Might can exchange some Hungarian swear stuff 😉

— Mariann ( Maz) (@GyorfiMariann) September 14, 2020 HuffPost testPromoTitleReplace testPromoDekReplace Join HuffPost Today!No thanks. HuffPost Important conversations are happening now. Add your voice! Join HuffPost Today! Download Calling all HuffPost superfans! Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost’s next chapter Join HuffPost

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